The Effects Of Hiv And Aids On South Africa

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1. Why has it occurred?
The history in how HIV and AIDS in South Africa occurred is one of the most controversial of any country. There have been many instances where the disease has spread rapidly across the country due to lack of action and harmful interference, conflict between politicians, HIV and AIDS organisations and scientists. The consequences of a slow and interrupted response are still being felt to this very day. Although some groups of society are more at risk then others, South Africa HIV and AIDS epidemic affects people from all sectors. It is said HIV in South Africa occurred due to gay men. Two white homosexual men in 1982 were diagnosed with HIV, both whom were flight stewards. In 1989, a study was reported displaying
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Social factors include: Poverty, as it can drastically limit the access to health care resources, testing, and medication that has the ability to lower levels of HIV in the blood stream and also help prevent transmission; discrimination, stigma and homophobia, as these factors most notably reduce the likelihood for individuals to seek testing, prevention and other treatment; prevalence of HIV, just the overwhelming issue that if more people are affected by the disease the increased chances an individual‘s are going to be affected and also higher rates of incarnation among men, has the ability disturb sexual and social networks in the broader society and decrease women’s ability for women to find a partner (CDCP, 2015). The relations of these factors mentioned above will not only continue to fire the epidemic and increase the impact it will have, it also will be significant in determining which interventions will help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

3. How is currently being dealt with?
The Nation Strategic Plan (NSP) is designed to guide South Africa’s response to HIV and AIDS control and develop strategies and interventions to help prevent and treat the disease.

Priority 1: Prevention. Identifying and keeping HIV/AIDS negative members of society
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