The Effects Of Hiv And Aids On South Africa

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1. Why has it occurred?
The history in how HIV and AIDS in South Africa occurred is one of the most controversial of any country. There have been many instances where the disease has spread rapidly across the country due to lack of action and harmful interference, conflict between politicians, HIV and AIDS organisations and scientists. The consequences of a slow and interrupted response are still being felt to this very day. Although some groups of society are more at risk then others, South Africa HIV and AIDS epidemic affects people from all sectors. It is said HIV in South Africa occurred due to gay men. Two white homosexual men in 1982 were diagnosed with HIV, both whom were flight stewards. In 1989, a study was reported displaying an HIV prevalence of 12.8 % among homosexual men in Johannesburg. Half of these men were reported to have more then 20 different sexual partners in the 12 months previous (Ras, G.J, 1983,). Due to this it was believed around the general community that HIV was a homosexual disease, the outcome was, that the office apartheid government did not intervene. Leading to the broader community largely ignored the risk of HIV transmission.

2. What social factors have led to this health issue?
The major issue regarding the spread of HIV in South Africa is the effectiveness of bio-medical and behavioural interventions. When analysing the affects of a death to a family member, e.g. The death of an adult male, who is an income earner will affect…

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