The Effects Of Homelessness On The United States ' Political Economy Essay

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Defining homelessness has been controversial, but most researchers collectively accept that it is a situation in which an individual lacks a permanent place of residence. According to First, Rife, and Toomey (1994), if a person lacks shelter, even on a temporary basis, such an individual becomes homeless. Therefore, most homeless people live on the streets or find temporary accommodation in managed public and private shelters. Most researchers state that a close analysis of the issue of homelessness reveals that there are both individual and structural causes. The structural causes of homelessness comprise poverty, unemployment, economic structures, and social policy while the individual causes include substance abuse, alcoholism, and, domestic abuse, mental illness (Johnson, 1994). However, of the two causes, almost all researchers agree that the structural causes are the leading, describing them as intrinsic in the United States’ political economy. However, it is important to examine the individual causes of homelessness because of their prevalence.
Structural causes of homelessness are economic and social in characteristic, and the central or local government can influence them positively or negatively. For instance, the changes in the economy have a positive relationship with an increase in homelessness. In particular, during the start of the 1980s, the economy of the United States experienced a sharp recession. Then, the subsequent government retrenchment increased…

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