The Effects Of Homework On My Behavior

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For the essay, I followed Watson and Tharp (2013) guidelines and started to monitor situations that triggered my perfectionism, my thoughts, emotions and behaviour over couple of weeks. I used a thought record associated for perfectionism (Egan et al., 2010) because it allows me to write down my cognitions and behaviours associated with my perfectionism and improve the validity of the formulation. Rees, McEvoy & Nathan (2005) examined the influence of homework among 60 depressed and 34 anxious individuals. Finding revealed an improvement in anxiety symptoms in response to completion of thought record.
By filling this diary (Appendix 7) , I was able to notice patterns in my cognition, behaviour and emotions such as my perfectionism was
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This is known as negative automatic thoughts (NATs). He identified 10 common thinking errors (see appendix 9) which people have in their information processing.
By observing my thought record, I realised that they were bias in my thinking. Egan et al (2014) outlined that one of the most common thinking errors for perfectionism are selective attention, overgeneralising and should must statement. Although there were other thinking errors demonstrated by my thought record, it was evident that these common ones were there. By recognising my thinking errors, I used Socratic questions guided by Egan et al (2014) to examine the evidence for my existing thoughts to complete the adapted thinking record (appendix 10). I acknowledged how difficult it was to disrupt my existing thoughts and it was only by practicing I was able to do it.
One of the thinking errors were personalisation (taking full responsibility of an event without it actually being shared). To challenge this, I used a responsibility pie which involved estimating the degree of all the other potential reasons for that situation (see appendix 11). According to Rees (2009) this techqunie has been used to test cognitive distortions for OCDs. It was interesting to observe that at the beginning, I thought I was 100% responsible for my team to lose the game but after completing the responsibility pie, I realised I was only 40% responsible. Although I still hold
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