The Effects Of Hookah On The Middle East

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Growing up, Sundays were always a family gathering at my house. All my aunts, uncles and cousins would come over for dinner. Recently, as we have gotten older, hookah is something the cousins have adopted as a custom to engage in after dinner. Smoking hookah is an activity that my cousins and I all enjoy to do together as well as use as a bonding experience. Hookah originated in South Asia and the Middle East, where most of my ancestors are from, and plays a prominent role in the culture and society of this region. In the Middle East, hookah smoking is a very social activity. People often meet at outdoor cafes and will sit for an hour or two, casually smoking a hookah and drinking coffee or tea while conversing. Hookah is made from tobacco, molasses, and fruit or flavor extracts. There is a huge variety of brands, strengths, and flavors. This social activity has been recently adopted by the United States and has had a profound influence on today’s culture. Although setting up a hookah may seem like a simple task, there is a much more intricate process that must be understood. Over the past few years, I have mastered the art of assembling and utilizing the hookah through observation and personal experience. Prior to immediately beginning to set up your hookah, it is of paramount importance that you understand each part and its function (see reference sheet). There are many types of hookahs with several varieties of designs, color schemes and accessories, yet they
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