The Effects Of Hormones On Infants Mothers Essay

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When expectant mothers are making their birth plans to deliver their new babies, one must have option is skin to skin contact directly after delivery. Babies are placed on their mothers chest resulting in reduced crying, improves mother baby interaction, keeps the baby warmer, and helps woman breastfeed successfully (Moore, Anderson, Bergman, 2007). Skin to skin contact can also stable a baby’s temperature naturally instead of having to place the baby in an incubator. Skin to skin contact also releases maternal oxytocin. Oxytocin causes the mothers temperature to rise which provides warmth for their baby. Oxytocin not only makes the mother calmer but also the baby, which increases social responsiveness. After delivery, the release of oxytocin can help enhance parenting behaviors resulting in the mother’s instinct to come into effect. Not all babies are able to get skin to skin contact with their mothers for many different reasons. Most common reasons are a caesarean section known as C-section, complications during delivery whether it being the baby or the mother, and also adoption cases. In some industrialized societies, separating the newborn from its mother soon after birth has become common (Moore, Anderson, Bergman, 2007). Research findings suggest that infant attachment to their mothers is due to earlier mother-infant interaction. The way they organize their behavior toward their mothers affects the way they behave toward other aspects of their environment
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