The Effects Of Human Activities On The Environment And The Natural Resources

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Humans have been living and altering the earth ever since the first of our existence. As the human race populated, we are continuing to have a negative impacts on our environment and the natural resources. Environmentalists have been trying to warn us over and over about the danger of our actions that cause many problems such as air and water pollutions, global warming, and deforestation. Human activities have been contributing to the issue way more than we have ever imagined. Water is an essential ingredient of all life today. Yet people in countries have been remarkably irresponsible in this respect. A major issue that the earth is facing right now is pollution. Many companies have had continuing to release toxics into the air and into the water system. Which is causing the green house effect, ozone layer depletion, and rain formation. Water pollution is the quantities of substances in the water that causes problems for animals and/or people. Many humans’ activities can have a contribution to the quality of our water environment. One of the activities is a farmer fertilizing the fields, and the chemicals can be washed by rain into a body of water nearby. Another activity that is a major problem right now is sewage waste. Sewage waste is wastewater that contains urine, feces, daily water usage of people, and also liquid waste from business and industry. In developed countries, the wastewater is being treated, cleaned and dumped into the sea. And in many not developed
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