The Effects Of Human Activities On The Health Of An Ecosystem

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Within a healthy ecosystem, animals, along with humans, receive essential benefits or ecosystem services. However, human activities can drive this balance in a negative direction. Although we appreciate these services given from an ecosystem, like the produce made from the flowers, an increase of human activities can impact the health of an ecosystem. We interfere with the balance of ecosystems when we release pesticides on our crops in hopes of protecting them from unwanted pests. The pesticides harm helpful insects like bees. When the there are no bees present to pollinate the flowers of fruits, it will be hard for fruits to grow. Not only will this hurt the production of fruit and our consumption, but it will also affect other organisms like birds that eat those fruits. The impacts of Human activities can be either a good or bad thing depending if regulations are in place to control our effects and reducing damages. Lack of conservation or management practices could result in people to believe deforestation, dumping, and waste does not have an impact to our planet. To reverse this belief that consumption and waste production is not a problem, we need to show people the incentives that come with being green. Many companies have sold their products this way to make us believe we are doing a good thing. By using our reason of belonging, we would need to come up with a way that involves enhancing ourselves while not hurting our income. From studies done, it can be seen that
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