The Effects Of Human Overpopulation On The Environment

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The Effects of Human Overpopulation on the Environment “Can one apple slice feed the world?” If the world were an apple, farmland would only be one very thin slice. The growing population on this Earth has some serious questions that it needs to consider as a whole. How are we all going to eat with eight billion mouths to eat? Farmers have an interesting proposition, they need to feed a growing population with very little land. Overpopulation also has negative effects on the earth through pollution. Their bodily waste has minimal places to go, and garbage is an ever increasing debate as it goes in landfills, the ocean, lakes, and rivers. So what is overpopulation really doing to the planet we call home. [Effects of Human Overpopulation. (2013, November 20). In Retrieved February 2015, from] Human overpopulation causes many other controversial subjects. These subjects include; global warming, environmental pollution, sixth mass extinction, chemical farming, and the consumption of water, fossil fuels, and arable land. The overconsumption of these natural resources are faster than the regeneration of these causing a plausible shortage in the near future. According to some recent statistics there is only 0.003% of fresh water readily available to human and animal consumption from the 75% that exists in the whole world. By 2030 a study suggests that nearly half the population of the world
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