The Effects Of Humans On The Global Ecosystem Essay

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In the start of the 21st century, human beings have made a huge impact on the global ecosystem. Many people believe that the Anthropogenic epoch has been caused by all humans, while there is the conflicting idea that it is only because of some people. There have been several claims and evidence used with sources that concur and sources that conflict. The use of “Geology of mankind,” by Paul Crutzen, Wild Ones by Jon Mooallem, “The Anthropogenic: Are Humans Now Overwhelming the Great Forces of Nature?” by Steffen et al, “The Anthropogenic Review” by Malm and Hornborg, and the National Museum of Natural History are all used to address these claims and evidence. There is no conclusion of who is responsible for the Epoch, but it is debated. Also, there is no conclusion on how to save the animals in danger. If they are saved, then they would no longer be the animals that were before.
Humans have had a large global impact on the Earth and “the effects of humans on the global environment have escalated" (Crutzen). This can be called the Anthropocene to some scientists. The Anthropocene is “a new geological epoch in which human activity, more than any other forces, steers change on the planet" (Mooallem 3). There is also “evidence of widespread human impact on the environment through predation and the modification of landscapes, often through use of fire" (Steffen et al 614). Thus, it considers all humans from the beginning to be responsible for the damages to the
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