The Effects Of Hydraulic Fracturing On The Environment

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Hydraulic Fracturing Hydraulic fracturing is known as the process of inserting sand, chemicals, or water into the ground to crack the deep deposits. Additionally, high pressure is required due to the far distance. Next, a pressurized rock layer is created, this is called Marcellus Shale. After, sand or water is used to keep the fissures open for continuous release of shale (natural) gas or oil. To transport water to the site, the trucks must be used for transportation. However, these huge trucks use a massive amount of diesel, so it releases particles that harms the atmosphere. .Lastly, once the process is concluded, the pressure causes the water to flow above the ground surface. Thus, the water is contaminated with chemicals or other…show more content…
Organizations also ensure the safety of the natural gas industry by creating the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. This organization allows corporations to publicize the chemicals used of the gas production process. In 2012, there were 17,000 disclosures reported from about 135 companies, (Pliss, p.2). In 2011, the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act was proposed in Congress (Palliser, 23). This act would mandate hydrofracturing companies to disclose all chemicals used in the process. Passing this act would allow the Drinking Water Act to set standards to corporations. However, the Drinking Water Act is exempted by the fracturing industry. Hydraulic fracturing impacts the environment and human health, regulated by the EPA. The EPA oversees the hydraulic fracturing by making sure the companies have the required permit. Additionally, this organization ensures the safety of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing by correct disposal. Also, they provide ways to reduce the air emission especially from methane, commonly distributed during the fracturing process. Furthermore, Senate Fran Pavley, introduced a bill that would notify land owners about the process of hydraulic fracturing, and a ground water testing for any contamination present (Palliser, 23). Senate Pavley stated that this bill would ease some tension for some people, those concerned about the environmental status of their community. Some states think that fracking should be avoided
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