The Effects Of Hydrology And Environment On Water Resources Essay

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Statement of Grant Purpose
Mohammad Shafi “Danishyar”, Afghanistan, Water Resources Engineering
As we all know that water is a synonym for life and aside from the security issues, my country’s economy is badly impacted by the issues related to lack of water resources. According to estimation by World Bank, Afghanistan’s current population is about 32 million, which will increase to nearly 60 million by the year 2055. Such an increase will raise demand on the country’s already stressed water resources. In addition, a recent research by the United Nations suggests that global climate change could eventually alter precipitation patterns in Afghanistan. This change will affect in particular, both the amount and the timing of snowfall received at higher elevations, impacting the major water sources for many areas in the country.
The water crises in my country further solidified my interest in pursuing my career in Water Resources Engineering, especially studying the impacts of hydrology and environment on water resources and vice versa. Afghanistan has 80 billion cubic meters (bcm) of potentially available renewable water resources annually, of which 58 bcm is surface water and 22 bcm ground water. Annual water use for irrigation is 25 bcm, drawn mostly from surface water. My hometown, Farah province is one of the most agricultural provinces in Afghanistan. But sadly enough due to years of drought and lack of water resources the economy of the entire province has badly been
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