The Effects Of Hypnotherapy On The Birthing Process

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The Effects of Hypnotherapy on the Birthing Process There has been a steady increase in the use of hypnotherapy and other relaxation techniques in the birthing process in recent years. Multiple research studies have been completed in western countries to assess the effectiveness of hypnosis training on various aspects of child birth, including length of labor, need for surgical intervention, use of pain medication, experienced levels of fear and anxiety, and occurrences of post-partum depression (Philips-Moore, 2012). There are different forms of hypnosis presented throughout the studies that will be reviewed in this article, including self-hypnosis techniques, imagery, hypnotherapy and the process of HypnoBirthing. This review will…show more content…
The American Psychological Association (2014) defines hypnosis as “… a therapeutic technique in which clinicians make suggestions to individuals who have undergone a procedure designed to relax them and focus their minds.” HYPNOSIS Martin, Schauble, Rai and Curry (2001) completed a study on an adolescent population by dividing 42 subjects into a treatment group who received training on hypnosis and a control group who received supportive counseling. The treatment group took part in 4 sessions, in which the hypnotist directed suggestions toward the subjects. These suggestions included the normalization of the birthing process, increased trust in physicians, and improved self-confidence (Martin et al, 2001, p.443). The comparison found that the treatment group had a reduced number of complications and surgical interventions, as well as reduced length of hospital stay after birth. Notable concerns with the research study is the limited size population. SELF-HYPNOSIS Traditionally, hypnosis included the client/patient and the practitioner/operator. The operator would work with the client by inducing them into a state of deeper relaxation and providing suggestions appropriate to the client’s indicated issue. In self-hypnosis, one is taught the skills to induce one’s self into
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