The Effects Of Illegal Substance Abuse On Families

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An insight of the impact of illegal substance abuse using theories of intelligent sociologist of the nineteenth century to magnify the effect of drugs and families today. Examining how inversely affecting relatives growing in diverse family structures while, exploring its overall effect on children who live in mechanical solidarities versus organic solidarities differences in drug use and outcome of children . Moreover, involving detailed fluctuations of familiar illegal drug use between the years of the 1970 then, evolving into the twenty first century exploiting the social dynamics of the misuse of illegal drugs. As well as meeting the manifest consequence and latent consequence of drug abuse in families. Resulting in the
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This, overall will differ the effect on families abusing illegal substances and weather these families have grown in a mechanical society versus an organic solidarity. There are diverse outcomes families face when parents or siblings must tolerate the impact of substance abuse, there are intended costs that take effect, known as the manifest consequence and latent consequences that are known as the unintended results. Which, come to analyze how children and relatives come to develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and even physically when involved in homes of substance abuse.

Hypothesis 1
Children in families coping and residing with family members that use illegal drugs are effecting variously depending on what type of area and atmosphere they grew up in.
Hypothesis 2 Illicit Substance abuse has had a current fluctuation with time, reason being illegitimate drugs solicited on streets are more affordable and manipulated.

Literature Review 1 Substance abuse is known to cause many issues for most youth however, affects differ depending not only on the family structure, but in their living environment as well. For example, Emile Durkine, father of sociology categorized civilization in a dualistic perspective. There is an organic
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