The Effects Of Immigration On The United States

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The first reaction when citizens read the word illegal is to automatically believe that there are no advantages to the situation. Although, there are many different approaches in viewing the immigration reform in the United States. Immigration can be seen as a much more complex issue than just what meets the human eye. Most immigrants do not cross the border solely because they are looking to break the law, they do so because they are attempting to seek better opportunities and lifestyle for themselves and their families. There is a strong concern in the United States that immigrants will replace American workers and reduce our standards of living. On the contrary, evidence suggests that immigrants typically boost American workers’ overall standard of living by increasing American wages and lowering prices for consumers. The United States’ immigration system is clearly broken, employers are gaming the system by hiring undocumented workers for lower wages, tax free. This is alone is leaving 11 million immigrants living in the dark. It is clear that fixing the broken system would in turn boost the U.S. economy and help all workers by increasing the productivity of American works, creating more jobs, increasing wages of many workers, and lastly reducing the current deficit the U.S is currently in. There are many different approaches on how one views the very broad immigration reform issues in America. Although many may find it difficult to believe, immigration has its
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