The Effects Of Immigration On The United States

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A few weeks ago, a picture about a dead boy on the beach let us pay attention to Migration waves. Governments have to consider how to limit migration trends because they think a large number of immigrants will lead to a terrible effect on local residents. Based on this point, some countries adopted some strategies to limit migration. They reduced some benefits and increased the difficulty to immigrants. Even some governments such as Japan government refuse to people to immigrate. Even though immigrants bring some benefits, governments are still afraid of the negative impact of immigration on the following three aspects: local market, wages and social stability. However, some facts and research show the terrible effect is not significant to these parts. And immigrants also bring some benefits to local residents. A traditional viewpoint on immigration is that foreign population will have a terrible effect on native people to get fewer opportunities to find work. Some people believe immigration will bring a huge impact on local markets because their requirements of jobs are always lower than the local residents’ requirements. It means they will get more chance than local people. However, a survey from Michel J. Greenwood about US immigration shows the influence of immigration to local markets does not have appreciable effects. In this survey, he said a possible explanation about why immigrants do not influence on local people was that immigrants were not distributed in
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