The Effects Of Immigration On The United States Essay

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4. Current Situation In the past few years, a lot has been spoken and researched about immigration. The goods are moving in out of the countries more freely as globalization has taken its stand. Not only goods, but people also move about more freely than before. Effects of immigration Immigration can have some positive impacts as well as some negative ones. Both the hosts and originals are affected by it. The countries which are industrialized in Western Europe or the United states are usually more of the recipient ones. The following benefits are offered to these countries by the immigrants: • Some jobs are done by the immigrants which cannot be done or will not be done by the people in the host countries; • They can work at lower rates than the people of host countries; • The diversity of the host countries can be increased; • If the immigrants are from a well-settled background, the help to increase the talent pool of the host countries. There are some drawbacks as well: • Exploitation of immigrants due to cheap labor; • As the immigrants are spending their merits in other countries developing or original countries may have some lack of people in their talent pool. • Some criminal elements can also get associated with immigration; • If the perception of immigrants getting more benefits than the local people arise, a tension could be initiated between them; Source: The face of Europe is being
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