The Effects Of Immigration On The United States

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Immigration can be defined as: the movement from one country to another country. Immigration had two major impacts on the US: on the labor market and especially on the politics of race. The black rebellions of the 1960s created a political crisis for the government of US on the adequate response to black rebellions. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and President Johnson proposed two different policies to resolve black poverty.
Moynihan’s reason as to why black poverty exists is due to the pathology of African Americans. He believes African Americans shouldn’t demand for Affirmative Action. Moynihan’s reason ties into Goldfield’s theories of impoverishment for poverty as pathology. Poverty as pathology states how people are poor because of how
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The analysis of the African American culture is to be compared to the culture of Asian Americans. The culture of Asian Americans is considered as the model minority. The term, model minority is a minority group who are perceived to be successful compared to other minority groups. The culture of African Americans consists of families who tolerate foolish behavior and whose standards are not that high and strict. The culture of Asian Americans (families) is in contrast to the culture of African Americans (families). The culture includes: providing a secure environment for children, pushing children to work harder, foster savings, being disciplined and submissive, motivate and discipline their children, establish a sense of obedience, promotes individualism, and the development of Confucian ethic. The Asian American culture is a positive factor compared to the African American culture (negative difference) towards African Americans. Moynihan must incorporate the element of the race’s culture in order to identify a solution to the poverty of the particular race. Understanding the race is simply not content when it is necessary to come up with solutions to poverty of a particular race. The opinion of Robert G. Lee’s as to whether or not Asian America Model Minority is true. Lee considers the Asian American model minority to be a myth. This is because of not everyone is or was successful from the Asian American model minority. Since the 1970s, a majority of Asian
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