The Effects Of Immune System On The Body

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Immunity MersihaFrlj Herzing University, Minneapolis MN The purpose of the immune system is to prevent and minimize infections; this is how the body protects us from microbes that would otherwise make us ill or kill us (Dugdale, 2013). The immune system works by differentiating between our own cells (self-antigens), foreign cells (antigens), and pathogenic microbes (Dugdale, 2013). When our cells discover anything unfamiliar, our immune system works to destroy it(Dug dale, 2013). If the immune system cannot activate to kill foreign cells, we can get infections (Dugdale, 2013). Conversely, if it is activated without any foreign cells present it can cause pathopysiological problems (Dugdale,2013). This paper will focus on the types of immune diseases, how they affect the body, available treatments, and the latest news regarding the research of immunity. Hypersensitivity and Affect on the Body Immediate (TypeI ) Hypersensitivity is an allergic reaction to something that has entered the body, and when this happens, the immune system responds by producing histamine (Morocco, 2014).This causes inflammation, upper respiratory problems, and rashes (Morocco, 2014).This reaction goes against our self-antigens causing inflammation and chronic problems (Fisher, 2015).Antibody-Mediated (Type II) Hypersensitivity affects a variety of organs and tissues and can take hours to happen ( Hunt, 2014). This type of reaction happens from a drug allergy (Hunt, 2014).Immune
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