The Effects Of Inactivity On World 's Major Non Communicable Diseases Of Coronary Heart Disease

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An epidemiological study was conducted across the country including India and China by Lee and Shiroma in 2014. This study aimed to estimate the effects of inactivity on world’s major non-communicable diseases of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancers and short life expectancy various articles were reviewed across the globe to estimate how much disease could be altered if those inactive were to become active. Conservative assumption methods were used to calculate population attributable fractions associated with PI for each of the major NCDs, by country, to estimate how much disease could be altered if PI was eliminated. Review suggested that by removing the physical inactivity there was 6% to 10% reduction in…show more content…
Subjects were randomly selected from health care organization of Minnesota. A random sample of 2336 members was included in the survey, data was obtained using questionnaire on chronic ill subjects. Cox proportional hazards regression was used to link the association between physical inactivity and all cause of mortality. Results showed that members reporting 30 minutes a week of PA at baseline had a mortality risk ratio of 2.82, p < 0.001 when compared to those with 30 or more minutes of PA per week. The study concluded that PI had higher mortality among adults with chronic disease within a short term of 42 months period. Identification of these short term impact of physical inactivity on mortality and morbidity is useful for managed care organization perspective so as to follow health benefits before members back off from the health plan. Study also suggests that physical inactivity is a predictor to disability in midlife and older population; further studies are required on short term effects of PI on various diseases. A cohort study was conducted by Nosova et al in 2014 to examine the short term physical inactivity impairments in vascular function the objective of the study was to assess the acute short term exposure to inactivity on epithelial dysfunction, arterial stiffening and increased vascular inflammation. 5 healthy subjects were made to take bed rest for duration of 5 days to induce physical
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