The Effects Of Instant Messaging While Reading A Passage

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Bowman, Levine, Waite, and Gendron (2010) discuss their research on the effects of instant messaging while reading a passage. This study contains all of the elements of a true experiment, and their results conclude that it is more challenging to finish a passage efficiently while also focusing on instant messaging (Bowman et al., 2010). Bowman et al.’s (2010) article enhances a readers understanding of the meaning of multitasking and affirms the assumption that multitasking is a challenging feat and one that people should refrain from using to complete tasks. Taylor’s (2011) article, similarly, discusses the usage of multitasking and the effects on its users. However, Bowman et al.’s article is an empirical study, and Taylor’s is an…show more content…
Taylor (2011) cited Nass’s study, which also used college undergraduates as participants. These researchers generalized their findings to the greater population even though the study was testing the multitasking ability of college students doing a school related activity. Another similarity is Bowman et al. (2010) discusses how multitasking uses different areas of the brain depending on the tasks that are simultaneously being done. Taylor (2011) similarly describes the conditions in the brain that process the different types of tasks that are being done successively as a result of attempting to multitask. Additionally, Bowman et al.’s (2010) research and Taylor’s (2011) article discuss similar effects of multitasking. For example, Bowman et al. and Taylor find that simultaneously switching between tasks results in needing more time to complete it. These two similarities join the two articles together in a way that they can both enhance the readers understanding of the true meaning and implication of multitasking.
There are also a few differences that can be found between Taylor’s (2011) article and Bowman’s et al. (2010) article. These difference include Bowman et al.’s empirical study versus Taylor’s informal article, Taylor’s lack of an experimental design, and Taylor’s explanation of serial tasking. The first major distinction is that Bowman et al.’s article is an empirical study. It has all of the

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