The Effects Of Internet Censorship

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Like any other form of media the Internet can be censored, which means that full access to materials on the Internet can be restricted. To the general public, this is not considered a good thing, since it restricts their access to knowledge. One of the hallmarks of a repressive government is the restriction of information to keep its citizens under control. Yet, at the same time the unrestricted power of the Internet can cause much social and political harm, which is why there are many who support the idea of Internet Censorship. At the same time this restriction dulls a community, diversity and growth of ideas come from the unrestricted flow of information. An isolated community generally does not synthesize new ideas on its own.Thus,…show more content…
Therefore, in an act of self preservation, they strive to block the access of information among people by censoring what they can, the internet, newspapers, media, etc. For example, “During public demonstrations over the abolishing of oil subsidies, in September and October 2013, the government blocked access to the Internet for 24 hours to stop citizens from mobilizing others (Abubkr 2014)” (Gumede 5). Even if the average citizen is not upset at the government, in an act of self preservation a regime still must censor the internet. There are people who make it their objective in life to speak about anything, they are called journalists and protesters. While your average citizen may not care that their government was doing some unspeakable evil thing elsewhere, journalists and protesters take it as their burden to inform their fellow citizens and spark action. In this case it was the government of Sudan that was more interested in keeping its money supply flowing than the desires of its citizens. As we can see, internet censorship restricts the flow of information, something regimes need in order to survive. Yet, even though censoring the internet creates regimes, censoring the internet can also keep the societal peace. A very well known example is in China where the government takes an active role in censoring the internet. In China the government censors information that “...disseminates rumors,
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