The Effects Of Internet On The Internet

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The internet is more readily available today than it has even been before; Individuals feel that they can implement their freedom of speech right on the internet as they please. This raises concerns about how we can regulate offensive or harmful forms of speech such as pornography, hate speech. The internet has actually created special problems for censoring and posting materials online. In this paper I will discuss the most feasible way of regulating online content, when to draw the line between what is simply offensive or what is harmful and hateful, who should be responsible for censoring these materials, and the modes of regulation. The internet has created problems that we’ve never had to face before. The internet has made access to information so readily available that it may be difficult to draw the line on what should and shouldn’t be regulated (Ludlow, 1996, p.253). It is no doubt that sexual content and child pornography should be censored on the internet. The questions lies with sexually explicit material, how does one draw the line to reserve the freedom of speech or censor on this material based on the technicality of distributing offensive materials (Elmer-Dewitt, 259)? The example provided by Elmer-Dewitt was from one university in Pennsylvania where sexual content was found in the university’s network and by law it is illegal for the university to knowingly distribute sexual materials to those under 18. Some college freshmen are under the age of 18 so
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