The Effects Of Interpersonal Communication On Our Lives

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Interpersonal Communication in our Lives Our lives are filled with communication and its various forms. It allows us to be interactive with others, share in experiences, and to have relationships with others. A world with out communication would be a dull grey place. There wouldn’t be laughter as we exchange funny stories about the weekend adventures, you wouldn’t have someone there to talk to through difficult times, and if you never took a risk in communicating with someone new your world would remain the same everyday. However, it can also be a complex thing and cause unintentional problems. The way we perceive a message from someone can possible be the difference between night and day if taken the wrong way. A nonverbal message can be very trivial if the relationship between the two people is not well established. The way we communicate with the people in our lives can be very different depending on the person and the relationship between the two. Paul and Claire have various ways of communicating with each other. They do this through loving actions of hugs and kisses, nonverbally, and also secretly. Paul and Claire connect so well together that now they can merely express how they are feeling through a look at each other or even an action like when Claire rubs her tongue over her bottom lip Paul knows that she is about to get really mad. However, their relationship also isn’t perfect because no ones ever is. They also have secrets in their relationship. They
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