The Effects Of Jake 's Anxiety Disorder

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There are multiple factors we can attribute Jake’s anxiety to. In this essay we will focus on how Jake’s anxiety disorder would be treated by psychologists of three different perspectives; a behavioral psychologist, a humanistic psychologist, and a cognitive psychologist. While all would likely recognize that his more difficult classes are acting as a stimulus for his anxiety, a behavioral psychologists would emphasize that the stimuli’s role in his anxiety, a cognitive psychologist would focus on how the mind interprets its situation and perspective, and a humanistic psychologist would focus on how Jake’s self-esteem and self-concept is influencing his ability to achieve in his harder classes. Let’s start with the behavioral approach; when looking at Jake’s situation, a behaviorist would probably focus on the stimulus’ that are contributing to Jake’s anxiety and how he’s reacting to them. More difficult classes would make it so that Jake had to devote more time into his studies. So if Jake is used to not having to work as hard, his reaction to the stimulus of more work would probably be to put in the amount of work he’s used to putting in, and not putting in the more work required for him to do well in his class. When Jake’s grades are not where he wants them to be, his reaction would be to become discouraged which might make him feel like his efforts he is putting in is going unrewarded, leading to him being reluctant to put in more effort since it doesn’t seem to be
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