The Effects Of Land Pollution

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Many experts define the word pollution as the presence or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing harmful or has poisonous effects. Pollution damages all aspects of the environment. It impacts air, water, soil, food, and life quality. The Texas coastline in particular has been widely impacted by pollution specifically land pollution and it has still been impacted till this day. There are many types of pollution in the world, but land pollution has taken a toll in many environments especially the Texas coast. Many major industries and the public make many environmental mistakes that affects the Texas coast. Those mistakes harm the physical condition of coastline, but there some solutions we as a public can take to better care about the Texas coast.
The ways we can reduce land pollution is to propose a three-way solution to this devastating issue. There many solutions we can think of to solve this problem but this three-way solutions to combat land pollution more compatible. If the public issues certain types of laws, do regulations on major industries, and provide an advisory of what to come if land pollution is still continuing. These solutions contribute in a way that they minimize the variety of land pollution in natural areas including the Texas coast. We should push for a purity environment where we can experience these natural areas without the overwhelming image of land pollution,
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As I recall, there are many types of pollution but in the Texas
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