The Effects Of Lateral Violence On The Workplace

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Civility in the work place, or the lack thereof, has been identified as a growing problem within many professions in today’s society. Often referred to as lateral violence, this occurrence is no exception in the nursing profession. It is also known as ‘horizontal violence’ or ‘workplace bullying (Coursey, Rodriguez, Dieckmann, & Austin, 2013). In this evidenced-based paper, information will be provided in an effort to identify causes of lateral violence in the workplace and how to encourage civility.
Lateral violence is defined as acts that occur between colleagues wherein, bullying is recognized as actions or doings enacted by one in a higher level of authority and the occurrences happen over time (Dellasega, 2009). The acts can be inconspicuous or obvious acts of verbal or non-verbal aggression. Relational aggression is one type of bullying demonstrated by psychological abuse. Some behavior indicators that characterize this type of aggression include gossiping, withholding important or pertinent information, shunning, or knowingly keep one in isolation. These behaviors can also extend beyond the walls of the workplace and can occur in face to face situation, an office area, or in cyberspace (Dellasega, 2009).
Civility in the workplace is a mirror of the behavior exhibited in society as a whole. Civility is defined as behavior wherein the respect that is shown toward another person, makes that person feel valued, a beneficiary of mutual respect, effective communication,
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