The Effects Of Leishmaniasis And Its Effects On The North America

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In the United States people tend to take a lot for granted, such as: vaccinations, medications, availability of doctors’, or even the simple satisfaction of walking outside barefoot. Leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease also known as the sand fly disease, is caused by Leishmania parasites and is transmitted by the bite of infected sand flies. Leishmaniasis is both a subtropical and tropical disease found in over ninety countries. This disease ranges from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern Hemisphere (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC 2013). It is found most frequently in India, Iran, Peru, Brazil, and Columbia (Medicine Net 2014). According to the Bridging Research and Leishmaniasis Control, it has estimated that…show more content…
Step two, the protozoan’s that are exposed to the open wound are then engulfed by macrophages. Step three, the promastigotes flagellate stage transfers into a tissue stage known as, amastigotes. Amastigotes are distinguished as a developed protozoan because it has no visible external flagella or cilia. Step four, the amastigotes then multiply by cell division and continue to infect other cells. Step five, another bite from another sand fly occurs, now this sand fly injects macrophages infected with amastigotes. Step six, is the step of ingestion of the parasitized cell. Step seven, amastigotes transform to promastigotes stage in mid gut, meaning they increase in size and develop a long flagella to swim and infect throughout the human body. Step eight, is the division of mid gut to proboscis, in other words the transformation of a protozoan to a sucking organ of insects inside the body (CDC 2014). However while this is occurring internally without vision, the external symptoms and signs should be eye catching and mind wondering. Medical Net has identified the symptoms and signs to be classified as: weight loss, low blood count, enlargement of liver and spleen, constant high fevers, darken skin areas, and skin lesions. In addition to these symptoms and signs it is best to keep in mind that Leishmaniasis is not the only disease with these symptoms. With that being said,
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