The Effects Of Light Pollution On Humans And The World

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When someone thinks of pollution, they most likely think of toxins and contamination in bodies of water and in the air. While these familiar types of pollution are large problems, there is a lesser known variety of pollution involving excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive light that is just as large of an issue. This variety of pollution is called light pollution or photo pollution. The effects of light pollution on humans and the world’s various ecosystems are various and need to be realized. Since their initial creation, light bulbs have continuously grown in number and type. Streets are now lined with bright yellow fluorescent, runways are now mapped out with multi-colored bulbs, etc. The utilization of light bulbs has expanded to where most every homes, in civilized countries, now have every room lit with them. The inventions of televisions and electronic signs have only furthered the expansion and utilization of artificial light. “People like light, they’re attracted to it” (Bogard) and artificial light, to most, seems all-good, but is actually a concern to safety, energy conservation, energy cost, health, and effects on wildlife. Glare, sky glow, and light trespass are the three divisions of light pollution which raise these financial, ecological, and health concerns. Light trespass, a component of light pollution, occurs when light spills where it is not wanted, intended or necessary. Light trespass may occur when streetlights or a
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