The Effects Of Listening On Different Types Of Music

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Title: Effects of listening to different types of music one week prior to midterm exam on student’s result in a randomized classroom clinical trial Introduction: Dating back to 1973 was one of the earliest studies done on music and memory. The study done by Mowsesian and Heyer involves 15 year old students listening to music while taking their exam. The researchers found out that music does not have a huge impact on student’s performance (Hallam, Price, & Katsarou, 2002). In contrast, there is also one study done by Fogelson in 1973 which stated there are positive effect of music while studying on children’s exam performance (Bloor, 2009). Therefore, Hallam suggested that early studies are done poorly and not set up in a practical framework, this is why the results of the studies produced are not consistent (Hallam, Price, & Katsarou, 2002). However, there are also several studies in the 20’s century that shown music actually does improve information retention. One of the studies done involves 13 students from third grade which are required to study on a vibroacoustic music chair for 23 minutes three times a week for 23 weeks. Before the study starts, student are tested on their reading and word recognition ability, another similar test is also done towards the end of the study and the pre and posttest results are being compared. As a result, the use of vibroacoustic music chair has a positive impact on the student’s reading ability (Carlson, Hoffman, Gray, & Thompson,
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