The Effects Of Living With Landmines For The Wellbeing Of Local People Essay

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This paper will analyse Davies’ (2015) Ph.D. thesis ‘Living with landmines’. In this research, Davies attempts to answer the question: ‘What are the implications of living with landmines for the wellbeing of local people?’ (Davies, 2015:15). This essay will therefore look into the efficiency and accuracy of the methodology by which Davies ' attempts to answer this question. To do this, the methodology will be firstly put in context to have a broad understanding of the research field. This paper will then assess the study’s mains weaknesses and strengths through the RATS (Relevance, Appropriateness, Transparency, Soundness) qualitative research evaluation (Clark, 2003). Finally, a series of adjustments will be suggested to counteract the methodology’s potential flaws.

Davies introduces her methodology outline as a complex study which draws on several different qualitative methods. This enables her to explore separate dimensions in which landmines can affect people’s living conditions; adapting different data collection methods depending on context, believing flexibility to be crucial for the success of the study. For this reason, Davies considers herself a bricolage researcher, using a “variety of qualitative research methods to piece together a holistic picture” (Davies, 2015:113). This approach allowed her to gain an insight into the complex reality of living with landmines. The study itself consists of a qualitative research project divided into three

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