The Effects Of Long Distance Travel During The Era 1200

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One of the most important effects of long-distance travel in the era 1200 to 1500 was the famine that started in 1315. The population lessened due to the lack of food and even when they did have food it wasn’t enough to stop their starvation. In the article Famine of 1315 it was stated: “Four pennies worth of coarse bread was not enough to feed a common man for one day. The usual kinds of meat, suitable for eating, were too scarce; horse meat was precious; plump dogs were stolen. And, according to many reports, men and women in many places secretly ate their own children....”( The famine of 1315) It showed how desperate people had become to stay alive. The food wasn’t enough for the people to survive due to the grains that weren’t nourished during the summer, so it caused the famine during the winter. People were stealing plump pets for meat so that they could have something that would actually help their survival. Some people have even ate their own children, instead of having another person to worry about feeding, they ate the children so they can survive. At the time it seemed to be survival of the fittest if you are on the vulnerable side most likely they wouldn’t stay alive, such as the poor. Some of the poor had been laying stiff in the streets because they weren’t able to feed themselves and no one bothered to help them because they had their own hunger to worry about. The poor was not even worst off, that would have been anyone that stayed in the cities. The rich
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