The Effects Of Low High Levels Of Alcohol During Pregnancy

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It is recognized that children of mothers who consume high levels of alcohol during pregnancy are at risk of developing disorders, the most common, the fetal alcohol syndrome. The effects of low to moderate alcohol are uncertain, however, they may have similar negative outcomes and cause cognitive deficits and conduct problems, particularly in early childhood. It is imperative to know the possible consequences and the extent of the consequences, especially because some women consume it often before becoming aware they are pregnant. The most critical times in development is when the fetus is in the womb of the mother. The fetus is at risk of harm of the things the mom consumes and is exposed to. Teratogens can especially do harm. They are…show more content…
According to Murray and colleagues (Burgess, Zuccolo, Hickman, Gray, & Lewis, 2016), those mothers who did drink the six units had children who were later at risk of developing conduct problems, such as lying, stealing, and other aggressive behaviors. This is particularly seen in development of early-onset conduct problems from ages four to thirteen, which isn 't true for the children of mothers who did not drink. During pregnancy women completed weekly questionnaires asking about their alcohol consumption, and when their children were older reported any possible conduct problems. A similar study done by Kilburn, T. R., Eriksen, H. F., Underbjerg, M., Thorsen, P., Mortensen, E. L., Landrø, N.I., & Kesmodel, U. S. (2015) tested preschoolers’ choice reaction time and information processing time. On a computer they were shown images of animals for a certain amount of seconds and had to press a green key for “yes”, meaning the animal was previously shown, or a red button for “no”, it was not shown. Although there was no difference in information processing time between children of mothers who drank and those who did not, the number of correct answers shown from the choice reaction time shows there is a possible correlation with the mother’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy, but only with binge drinking. Additionally, I.Q was measured using the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children in eight year old kids. Although the I.Q scores were slightly lower than those of
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