The Effects Of Low Income Affects The Lifestyles Of Minimum Wage Essay

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The theoretical framework in this dissertation, describes how the impact of low income affects the lifestyles of minimum wage earners. These impacts stem from two significant factors; Smith’s (2015) theory from a psychological perspective, and Rogers’ (2014) minimum wage laws and social equality. While several areas are encompassed by these two factors, comparison of the human behavior and social groups, provides insight on how minimum wage earners are affected by each. According to Smith’s theory, indicators that are impacted by low income is an individual’s state of mind, behaviorally and psychologically. Rogers (2014), suggests that the basic question is whether or not the minimum wage laws help ensure decent work, which enhances rather than undermines an individual’s self – respect. Additionally, under any condition, an individual’s state of mind responds to a situation in which the personit undergoes, at a particular time. While humans reacts differently to overcome various situations, the issues that lie beneath the surface can be overwhelming. However, with an increase in wages, the physical and psychological disorders in adults and children will likely subside, and their levels of success will likely rise (Smith, 2015). In order to determine how human behavior and social groups correlates with low income, a comprehensive questionnaire of full and part time employees will be administered.
While it is not uncommon for individuals with minimal income to have more

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