The Effects Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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For years, underage drinking is perhaps one of the most controversial topics of our generation. Why do our young people disobey this law? Are they lost? Who will answer the call of the lost? Having the age to drink legally at the age of 21 may seem like it would never be disobeyed; however, over time, underage drinking has become more and more prevalent. In today’s society, a few choice young people have grown to control the desire to break the law to consume alcohol while at the appropriate age. However, not all teenagers inhabit a sense of self-control. The problem lies within the difference the effects of lowering the drinking age to 18 or keeping the age of 21 can be. With much speculation, this particular topic has become a very intriguing argument that does indeed stir up controversy. What people must understand is that the democracy should not decrease the legal drinking age because it can increase drunk driving arrests, it will cause young people to become academically challenged, it can cause health complications and diseases at a younger age, and it can promote criminal and violent activity. People claim that the only way young people will learn their lesson is by having the age lowered, so they can feel a sense of independence. They believe that young people should have a right to drink legally at the age of 18; by modifying this law, it will help to gradually reduce the amount of teenagers breaking the alcohol consumption law because it has become legal. When
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