The Effects Of Marine Pollution On The Ocean

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It covers almost three thirds of planet earth hydrosphere, contains 97 percent of the planets water, it produces half of the oxygen needed for us to breath, and absorbs the most carbon dioxide emissions, yet 95 percent of it remains unexplored by humans; the ocean, the lifeblood of planet earth. From its coral reefs to the solitary creatures that lurk in its depths, the ocean is home to numerous amazing creatures, from enormous whales and sharks to tiny fish, each specie serving as an indicator for the oceans health and maintaining the food chain. Unfortunately, all of this is at risk as a result of the neglect and carelessness mankind has shown towards the ocean. Individuals, governments and corporations are responsible for polluting the ocean on a daily basis. It is time to seriously deal with this issue at every level before the consequences of marine pollution are too great to deal with. The ocean plays many important roles in the survival of human beings and our planet. Firstly, it plays a role in shaping the climate zones; while land areas and the atmosphere absorb sunlight, the majority of the sun’s radiation is absorbed by the ocean. Furthermore, it acts as a heat-retaining solar panel. The atmosphere also contributes to this process by helping to retain heat that would otherwise radiate into space after sunset. The ocean not only stores solar radiation, it also helps to distribute heat around the globe. When water molecules are heated, they exchange freely
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