The Effects Of Market Driven Health Care System

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In recent years, a clear picture has emerged, which states that a competitive marketplace would not only work well in the health care system but rather bring great benefits to the American consumer. Many have the believed that health care is inherently different from other industries and cannot operate in a normal market. Most people are of the view that government regulations however substandard it maybe, seems better than a dysfunctional marketplace to allocate resources ineffectively. It is prudent that the health care system become market driven, this is because free market will make the health care system inefficient for all. Introduction It has been demonstrated that the most efficient systems are created when everyone’s vested interest are in alignment with each other. Before an effective health care system is achieved, acceptable rules for all stakeholders must be spelled out. A transparent policy must be laid out. The effects of market driven health care system, is to put the consumer in charge. This will mean that the consumer will have to determine what they want in a health care system. Americans need a health care system that cares about wellbeing of patients. The basis of a patient centered health care system is efficiency in terms of the kind of services offered to the consumer. Efficiency is achieved with the power device of market based competition. A market driven health care system is the where the health consumer gains
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