The Effects Of Mass Hysteria On The West Coast Of India

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Can some of the most deluded water be purified by the Almighty Allah? The people in Mumbai truly believed that their most grotesque water had became sweet and potable. The outbreak of hysteria brought chaos to the large city sitting on the west coast of India. Thousands rushed, in hopes, to get a taste of the holy water that held great promise to the Muslims and others residing in the area. From the reports, religious beliefs, prior events and scientific research, the phenomenon of mass hysteria brought great question to the seemingly odd event. There are many speculations to how the news spread so quickly throughout the large city of 12.2 million. One of the most common stories was a fisherman noticed that the water was less polluted than usual. Out of curiosity, the man took a sip of the water and it turned out to be sweet. Thus the news spread rapidly, informing the people that the water had become some-what potable. Over the years, there has been some misconceptions behind the meaning “sweet.” It did not taste like sugar water, it tasted like fresh water and to them that was sweet because Mumbai sits on the coast of Arabian Sea, which is salt water. Having this knowledge, you can understand why the people of Mumbai were so ecstatic to have freshwater. The water has been greatly polluted over the years and it is made the water unsuitable and difficult for people to drink it or do any sort of purification. The incident was nothing short of a miracle to the people…

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