The Effects Of Mass Media On Our Society

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Amber alert can caution millions to any serious activities of child-abduction. With a touch of a finger through smartphones, this alert system activates an urgent bulletin to galvanize the community for assistance and safety. Today, mass media has undergone a significant change in terms of how they reach out to the public. During the early 19th century, the dominant form of media was the printing press through newspapers, magazines, and books. Eventually, the late 19th century throughout the 20th century, broadcast media provided easier access for entertainment, political issues, and current events gathering families around the radio. Now, TV and the Internet are the most impactful type of informer as well as an efficient way to notify the users. Mass media emphasizes a positive influence onto to the society in terms of Public Service Announcements (PSA) and trends popularizing on Facebook, Twitter, and other types of social media. With mass media initially being faster than any forms of communication, it creates a positive environment such as the campaigns of “AT&T: It Can Wait” and “Truth.” Both target the public to show the effects of smoking and the dangers of texting and driving can lead to tragic deaths, sporadically occurring any given time. They target the general public to prevent such effects to create a better community. “AT&T: It Can Wait” is a anti-campaign rallying individuals to pledge against texting while driving and other phone distractions like surfing
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