The Effects Of Media And Screen Time Children On Children

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With the advancement in technology it has become common for infants, toddlers, and young children to be exposed to electronics such as televisions, computers, and videogames for hours at a time. Environmental factors affect children in significant ways. The effects the media and screen time children are revealed to influence their physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Television and media can both hinder and encouraging their growth. It is important for guardians, caregivers, teachers, whomever has a child they look after or care for, to make accommodations to construct the best possible environment for children to flourish in. At such a young age, these young humans are like sponges, they absorb much of what surrounds them. Because of this, the importance of trying to make it possible that they are mainly witnessing things helpful to the development of the child and thereby, benefiting them later in life. Dora, Blue 's Clues, and Sesame Street, are only three shows out of many that provide education to the children whose attention they gather. Dora provides a foundation of normalizing bilingualism and familiarizing children with diversity in race and culture. This show and the show Blue’s Clues show children different animals, and land structures accompanied with visual aids. Games are offered online, on phones, and the show on television present a chance for children to interact with the characters and expand their knowledge. Shows of these sorts educate…
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