The Effects Of Media And Stereotypes On Women

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Women Leaders and The Effects of Media and Stereotypes Confidence, integrity, purpose, empowerment, determination, and courage. These are some of the many words associated with leadership. Regardless of gender, these words apply to all leaders. It is no longer a question of what women leaders are, but rather why there are not women leaders. Today’s society focuses on fulfilling leadership positions with males, not because females do not have the same skills and knowledge as men, but because people associate men with leaders. There are various daily obstacles that women face in the attempt towards leadership roles including prejudice beliefs, resistance due to stereotypes, leadership styles, family life demands and underinvestment in social capital. We have found that through depictions in the media, women are not seen as effective leaders in the same sense as men. These media findings and various research techniques provide evidence for the lack of female presence in leadership positions. Media Review As part of our research, we Googled different images associated with women and leadership. When you Google women leaders, what do you see? Countless images of beautiful women appear. Women have always had to walk a fine line when it comes to their femininity in the workforce. If a woman is too “girly”, she is looked down upon. When a woman is too “masculine”, she is looked down upon. Google pictures of women news casters. Many news casters today are dressed in a sexy and
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