The Effects Of Media And Technology On Our Lives

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“Wealth is of the mind, not the pockets,” a quote from one of my all-time favorite music producers, Pharrell Williams. However, young African American men from improvised inner cities score below their counterparts in other racial and ethnic groups when it comes to graduation rates, literacy rates, and college preparedness. A black male growing up in these neighborhoods rarely thinks about self/higher education. His aspirations gear more towards making fast money to get by. He may have to resort to crime to get the kind of fast money he is looking for. Can you blame him? When the odds “seem” to be against you, you have no choice but to do anything you can to survive. Notice, I stressed the word “seem”, because I want us to explore the current generation of growing African American males and the effect of media and technology in their lives. Studies show that media images have a large impact on perceptions when the viewers have less real world experience with the topic. In an age where technology brings together different ideals, cultures and belief systems through the Internet and social media, one can assume that accurate stories are being publicized about African American males holistically. Nonetheless, the majority of what is portrayed in media about African American men involves violence, drug abuse, unstable households, drug dealing and other criminal acts. Which can arguably be outward expressions of an impoverished society. The purpose of this paper is to explore
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