The Effects Of Media Exposure On Women 's Self Esteem

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Abstract The study examined the effects of media exposure on women’s self-esteem, social comparison and the sociocultural standards of today’s society. Fundamentally, it will study the influences, like media, in the development of body satisfaction in young adult women. The attitudinal or behavioral results of media use can be relied upon to impact choice of and consideration regarding media content. This viewpoint might likewise, all the more theoretically, be stretched out to address the upkeep of social character for political, religious, and way of life gatherings. Increased attention is currently being devoted to the pressures faced by women to concern themselves with physical attractiveness. A sample of fifteen females ranging from…show more content…
The Media Effects on Women’s Self-Esteem Introduction Today, women are depicted to be skinny, fit and flawless in media, movies, television, magazines and in abundant of advertisements. It’s becoming a norm considering the fact mass media targets the audience into buying their products using models with the “ideal” image. Subsequently, women who are heavy viewers of thin-ideal media may develop the attitude that thinness is socially desirable, experience greater body dissatisfaction, and engage in weight loss behaviors and cosmetic surgery in an attempt to measure up to the standard they observe (Hesse-Biber, Leavy, Quinn, &Zoino, 2006) Body image isn’t heavily influenced by mass media; parents and peers are responsible as well. Thinness often has a very positive implication, one that denotes success and social desirability (Hesse-Biber, Leavy, Quinn, &Zoino, 2006).Attractive people achieve more in our society; they are viewed as more successfuland happier with their lives (Hendriks&Burgoon, 2003). Therefore, some women may see their body shape and weight as a sort of “measuring stick” of social value (Hesse-Biber, Leavy, Quinn, &Zoino, 2006). There has been an sufficiently of research to demonstrate that females are adversely influenced by steady introduction to models that satisfy the improbable media perfect of magnificence; on the other hand, it is not clear how these pictures really come to influence women 's fulfillment with their physical appearance. There
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