The Effects Of Media Exposure On Women 's Self Esteem

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The study examined the effects of media exposure on women’s self-esteem, social comparison and the sociocultural standards of today’s society. Fundamentally, it will study the influences, like media, in the development of body satisfaction in young adult women. The attitudinal or behavioral results of media use can be relied upon to impact choice of and consideration regarding media content. This viewpoint might likewise, all the more theoretically, be stretched out to address the upkeep of social character for political, religious, and way of life gatherings. Increased attention is currently being devoted to the pressures faced by women to concern themselves with physical attractiveness.
A sample of fifteen females ranging from the ages of seventeen through twenty-eight were measured by the following: self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, media figures comparison, and peer comparison. Participants viewed television commercials, magazine ads, and social media applications such as Instagram. The participants were given a survey based on how they felt compared to the women they observed, using a scale from one through five, one representing low-confident and five representing high-confident Henceforth, the ideal image of a woman’s body in today’s media can be intimidating by viewers. The results propose that the images the media portrayed do not always affect women’s self-esteem since the self-esteem and social influences scored high under body dissatisfaction…
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