The Effects Of Media On Academic Success

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With the online environment becoming ever-changing, that change has also effected the classroom and the ways students are now being taught. Social media has become a daily part of life and kids are averaging almost nine hours a day consuming some type of media (Wallace, 2015). Doctors suggest that kids average eight hours of sleep per night; leaving a mere seven hours to go to school, complete homework assignments, partake in extracurricular activities, and time to wind down after the day has come to an end (Wallace, 2015). Some researchers would say that the media has taken over our lives and schools should not promote the use of social media in the classroom because it hinders academic success. However, other researchers have experimented with the implementation of media in the classroom and they have stated that it improves academic success and it creates a positive learning environment for the students and teachers (Baran, & Davis, 2015). This paper will outline if media has a positive or negative effect on academic success. Media includes but it not limited to; social media platforms, television, emails, movies, and video games. Media theory is defined as a systematic, scholarly effort to make sense of media and their role in society (Baran, & Davis, 2015). There are various types of media theories as subcategories in the media theory; postpositivist, cultural, normative, and critical. The postpositivst approach states that the truth is out there; it explains,
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