The Effects Of Media On Child Sexual Abuse

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This research will assess the role of the media related to child sexual abuse and argues that the media has been very essential to the job of placing the problem of the Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in the attention of the public and the political agenda. The media plays a huge role in defining what is “normal” and what is “deviant” in society, therefore contributing to what the definitions are, and what it is not, suggested what is child abuse. Whilst knowing that the media’s portrayal of CSA some have negative consequences for their families and the children. The media has a way and has the power to twist and manipulate a topic however they want, even if the public were to agree or disagree on the subject. However, as a case of a CSA, children are not able to defend themselves. Therefore, this research will be analyzing the news media and investigating the way the media portrays CSA; by focusing on the Jimmy Savile scandal and other historic child sexual abuse crime, and how it was portrayed by the media.

According to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), CSA is defined as “a child is sexually abused when they are forced or persuaded to take part in sexual activities. This doesn’t have to be a physical contact, and it can happen online. Sometimes the child won’t understand that what’s happening to them is abuse. They may not even understand that it’s wrong” (NSPCC, 2015). CSA is illegal in the United Kingdom (UK) and covers a…
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