The Effects Of Media On Gay Male Body Image

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7) Lanzieri, N., Hildebrandt, T., (2015). Using Objectification Theory to Examine the Effects of Media on Gay Male Body Image. Clinical Social Work Journal, 44(1), 105-113. The existing studies have indicated the gay male adults are more likely to develop body image dissatisfaction than other male populations due to variety of social and culture elements—particularly in media. Lanzieri and Hildebrand argued that gay media sources had produced the ideal male physique that negatively impact on its audiences. They had conducted a research to study the impact between media imageries and its audience’s perceptional change in body image by utilizing objectification theory. The result suggested that the media imageries were internalized by gay men which negatively affect their body image. 8) Rutledge, S. E., Siebert, D. C., Chonody, J., & Killian, M. (2011). Information about human sexuality: sources, satisfaction, and perceived knowledge among college students. Sex Education, 11(4), 471-487. The article states that college student receive limited education about sex. Rutledge, Siebert, Chonody, and Killian conducted a research at a major university to examine: how college students learned about sex, satisfaction with the way they learned about sex, and self-perceived levels of knowledge about sexuality before and after completing a course on human sexuality. As results, they discovered college students gain their knowledge of sex through peers and media. However, college
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