Essay about The Effects Of Media On Preschoolers

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The use of media (television, video games, phones, music, and computers) by young children is becoming more and more common in everyday life. Children are in front of media screens now more than anytime in history. Parents are allowing, encouraging, and promoting the use of media in many forms. There are endless sources available for parents to purchase for the use with infants, toddlers,a nd preschoolers from movies to games and videos. (Ravichandran, France de Bravo, 2010, “Yound Children and Screentime”.) Although these media tupes are readily available, whether they be for entertainment or educational use, are they really in the children's best interest? According to the American Acadamy of Pediatrics (1999) the average child…show more content…
(Ravichandran, France de Bravo, 2010, “Yound Children and Screentime”.) Young children learn through play and interacting with people. If we want bright, intelligent, and active children with phenomenal imaginations we have to take and make time to play with them and turn the media off. Play allows children to learn, the wiring connections in their brains depends on them playing, imagining and interacting with human beings. Play prepares them for real life. It's where children work out their problems in order to deal with life. If children spend their time in front of screens and interacting with media then it is not spent in play and the various brain connections are not being connected, resulting in learing and attention problems. Children also learn from moving and doing. When they are interacting with media they are usually not moving and doing. During a 2year longitudinal study where media exposure was recorded, both violent and educational, were found and associated with physical aggression,verbal aggression and relational aggression according to the gender of the children. It was determined that media exposure predicted various types of aggression and prosocial behavior according to gender. To their amazement girls were much more likely to engage in and be victimized by relational and verbal aggression than boys, especially if other girls were present.Whereas boys were much more likely to participate in physical aggression than girls,
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