The Effects Of Media On Society 's Life

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Technology has made various types of media available to this world. Photography, radio, television, cable, internet, and many more. Not only has it been expanding, but it has been modernized into our daily life. People use the media everyday for learning, exploring, reading, social media, music, the news and so much more. It becomes a tool that we use everyday. However, media may change a person 's life, both good or bad. The consumption of media can alter a person 's perspective of their life. Because the media is becoming more popular and is developing faster everyday, a person can be controlled and influenced by what they see in the media. Media can change a person’s way of thinking. A person may compare themselves to others…show more content…
Media has always been apart of my life as I was growing up. It is the time where I started using Instagram, Snapchat, watched the news, texted my friends nonstop about every little thing. It consumes my life and takes up a big part of it. However, it is something that I cannot escape from. Even if I did not want it to be, media is everything and everywhere now. In school, I am exposed to the internet, videos/movies, and text. In the car: radio. At home: the internet, videos, and text. Media has become apart of my life now that I would not be able to survive without it. I would like to say I am in control of media, but that would be a lie. Media most definitely is more powerful. Before the iPads, iPhones, and social media, I could say that I was not affected at all because I had nothing to explore the outside world with, but after my life started revolving around this piece of technology that gives me access to just about anywhere, that is where I lost my control. The more technology I gain, the more I become involved in the media. I started becoming aware of how people looked and dressed on social media. I felt different and became unconfident about how I looked because I did not look like these gorgeous girls on Instagram. So, I wanted to change myself. I started wearing makeup to school and started buying clothes that everyone on social media had so I would be this image that was being
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