The Effects Of Media On Society 's World

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The Effect of the Media on Societies Psyche in Today’s World
Andrew E. Kennedy
Keiser University

The Effect of the Media on Societies Psyche in Today’s World
Over the years the media has been a regular part of our societies life. Whether we are watching our favorite television sitcom or watching our favorite news program almost all of society is somehow attached to some sort of media outlet. We turn to our televisions when we want to have a laugh or when we want to know what is going on in the world and our communities during the evening news. And when we want answers about why things are happening around us we turn to the media. The media has been referred to at times by conspiracy theorists as “The Fourth Branch” of government (Neumayr, 2014) because of the influence that it has over the mass population. So why is the media such a big part of everyday life in society that such a bold statement can be made, comparing the media to the other branches of government? What power and influence does it have over us?
I would first like to explore the possibility that in today’s world we are groomed from a very young age to watch a television. When I was in Elementary School, I remember that being able to watch a movie in class was considered a “treat.” On Fridays the teacher would say “It’s Friday time to watch a movie” and the entire group of children, myself included, would cheer for joy and we would watch a movie and nothing else around us mattered because
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