The Effects Of Media On The Media

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Abstract Cheerios is a household name that has kept General Mills restocking the shelves for years. Its advertised potential health benefits have made it even more popular over time. Yet that household name is not immune to the backlash from risky advertisement. In a day and age when it seems like anything goes, a simple commercial sparked a nationwide controversy. While the issue at hand may be about race, the following analysis will show that in any piece of media we could pick all day long at the potentially politically incorrect content within. While none of these other issues may have been noticed or addressed, the company was faced with the dilemma of continuing to air the content. One side always has to prevail, and in the case of this ad campaign it is on the side of equality, and they are not losing any sleep or loyal customers over the decision. It is an awful shame to think that as far as we have come as a nation that racism is still so prevalent in our culture. However that being said, this is also part of the beauty of our culture, and that is we all have the right to our own opinion, as well as the right to express it freely. As shown in the public backlash against the negative feedback, most American’s view and embrace biracial couples from any cultural background as an obvious outcome of the melting pot that makes up America (Funny new Cheerios commercial with interracial family, 2013). America is not just black and white, but Black, White,

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