The Effects Of Media On The Media

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In every woman’s life, the media holds a strong influence on how she views herself. Whether it be a celebrity’s secret anti-aging cream, at-home workout plan, or new clothing line, women look towards the media to impact their decisions on their appearance. Although positive effects can come from letting advertisements guide one’s judgement, sometimes false advertisements can have a negative impact on how a woman perceives herself. People in charge of commercials, magazines, and other ads distort their publications in ways that critique someone’s physical appearance, otherwise known as body shaming. The body shaming done by the media today can lead a woman to not only a mental illness or an eating disorder, but can also lead to a sense of…show more content…
Consequently, feeling pessimistic about oneself consistently can lead to depression. Research shows, “mental health issues are more common for those who have experienced weight discrimination; the risk of becoming depressed is nearly three times as high” (“What Exactly is Fat Shaming”). While persistently dwelling on not being the right size, shape, or color, one cannot be happy. Not only does the media’s body shaming make one feel unworthy, but it causes one to worry and stress about trying to achieve the standards the media places. Excessive stress can cause physical issues such as over-eating or acne, increasing the negative feelings a woman has about her appearance. As stated in research, “overweight and obese people experience stress when they are harassed about their size, which causes them to eat more food and pack on even more weight” (“What Exactly is Fat Shaming”). As the weight from stress eating increases, so does the criticism of one’s body, making mental issues grow. A boost in mental issues, like depression or body dysmorphia disorder, can lead to worse scenarios such as suicide. Joel Arak states, “suicidal impulses and attempts are much more common in teenagers who think they are too fat or too thin, regardless of how much they actually weigh, a study found.” No matter how many people compliment and encourage someone, the abuse and slandering of few stands out more, building on one’s negative thoughts or feelings. Because of women becoming determined to

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